ENA (Environmental News Archive) UK is an ongoing series of articles on environmental and sustainability issues as viewed from a UK perspective, curated and edited by Anthony Bloor. The archive covers a wide range of topics including planning, housing and the built environment, land quality, flood risk and drainage, water resource management, waste management, renewable energy, environmental data, UK and EU policy, and the natural environment. The material has been sourced from a variety of news feeds, reports, research papers and government documents.

Some of the older items were first published in a different form on the websites of the environmental consultancy ESI Ltd and its sister company Envirep but subsequently disappeared with the renaming of Envirep as GeoSmart Information and a new-look website for ESI. They have been re-edited and re-formatted for this website.

The Internet is an ever-changing world: a website can be here one day, but may not be there the next. It is therefore highly likely that some of the links to the sources and quotations contained in the articles here will be broken as time moves on. Hopefully, however, this archive will ensure that some of the material concerning the most crucial issues affecting the UK environment at this time will not be lost forever.

At a time when climate change, extreme weather events, and debates about housing, planning, infrastructure and the economy are recurring themes on national news, this ongoing series of articles provides a broad picture of the many issues impacting on the environment as seen from a UK perspective.

Note: Images on this website may be subject to copyright restrictions. Please check before re-using. Please note also that all items on the site have been proofread by the editor. Where sources have been quoted, a small number have been slightly modified for punctuation and/or consistency with regard to spelling. Any remaining errors or inconsistencies are solely due to the editor.

How to use this website

The articles are listed in chronological sequence via the ‘Archives’ menu on the left-hand sidebar (or the bottom of the page if you’re using a tablet or smartphone). They are also accessible via the ‘Categories’ drop-down menu, 12 categories in all, and situated likewise. The categories are listed in alphabetical order:

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The articles are also ‘tagged,’ with tags appearing at the foot of each item. Tags generally refer to geographical location (where appropriate), and / or organisations, and also to a number of sub-topics such as Research. Clicking on a tag at the foot of an article will bring up a number of other items related in this way.

Finally, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, try the search box for a suitable term. If nothing shows up, it’s fairly certain that there’s no items containing that term.


If you are a writer or researcher working on environmental issues who wishes to contribute an article to this series, you are welcome to contact us via the contact form on the contact page. Please note however that we have a preference for articles that take a balanced, analytical, and/or ‘long view’ of sustainability issues. Articles that merely seek to promote a specific product or corporate interest will not be considered.


The work of setting up this website was extremely time-consuming, as is the work of general maintenance and updating it with fresh content. All of this work is being done on a voluntary basis. Donations for the work, large or small, would be most welcome. To make a donation, please use my PayPal page.


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